Recent Courses

ENG 6075 Spring 2021

Graduate Seminar

The Legacies of Fredric Jameson

ENG 4936 Fall 2020

Honor’s Seminar

James Joyce’s Delirious Dublin

ENG 6075 Spring 2020

Literary Theory: Issues

The Contemporary Historical Novel: Towards the Global

ENG 3010 Fall 2019

The Theory and Practice of Modern Criticism

Theory, Literature, and the Art of Reading

Eng 6077 Spring 2019

Literary Theory: Forms

Being Dialectical: The (Re)turn to Hegel in Contemporary Theory

IDS 2935 Spring 2019

Quest 1:

Higher Education, Creative Reading, and the Examined Life

ENL 4273 Fall 2018

Twentieth Century British Literature:

Conrad, Joyce, Woolf and the Modernist Revolution

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