Invoking Hope Arrives (June 30, 2020)

Today my book, Invoking Hope: Theory and Utopia in Dark Times (University of Minnesota Press) has been offically released.

For anyone who is interested, I did a more than one-hour long interview on the book with University of Florida alum Camelia Raghinaru for her extraordinary and timely podcast, ‘Theory to No End.

The book’s main title comes from an etching by Sebastiano Ricci, Allegory with Figures of Hope, Time, and Death (1659-1734) that the press generously reproduced as a frontispiece and which I post here in color.

The subtitle refers to Bertolt Brecht’s extraordinary wartime poem, “An Die Nachgeborenen.” Here’s the German original and a more recent translation, and here you can find Brecht reading it.

I hope these interventions prove of some value in our Finsteren Zeiten.

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